Friday, September 17, 2004


A lot has happened since I started this thing and posted my first blog. My older brother had triple bypass surgery, and the day he came home from the hospital my younger brother went in for tests for chest pains. My younger brother had triple bypass surgery a couple of years ago.

My older daughter, who is pregnant and due Nov. 12, started bleeding and her legs were swollen. She is so fatigued that she sleeps 15 hours/day and had to quit her 15hr/wk job, which her employer was allowing her to do at home on the computer, because she just couldn't handle it. Now, though, her bleeding has stopped; and, because she's in bed so much, the swelling in her legs has disappeared. Her poor husband is working two jobs trying to make ends meet, but they are so very happy.

My younger daughter, who is also pregnant and due March 3, is doing well, but she has always had very bad varicose veins (which she had "stripped" a couple of years ago), and she is having trouble finding support hose that fit. I told her to wear her uniform pants instead of the skirt and get men's knee-high support hose. Oh, yes, this daughter is a LT in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Hurricane Ivan came through yesterday and wrecked havoc, but we are safe and didn't even lose power or internet access!

Well, enough for now. My company has arrived.

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