Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

So, today it's been two years since Hurricane Katrina came smashing into the Gulf Coast bringing death and destruction. My mother-in-law was killed in that storm, but I didn't remember today until late this afternoon. I guess that's good. I do miss her, though, even though she was not all that happy that I took up space on this planet. All that is over now, though. In spite of her narcissism, paranoia, and borderline personality, she was a good woman, better than I in many ways, and I always knew that. I just couldn't deal with her faults. I just wish the northern media would report on more than just the Northerner's Playground. I don't think my husband realizes what day it is today, and I'm not going to tell him. Why remind him of pain when he's doing so well?

I spent the day pretending to do some laundry and fighting pollen allergies. It seems that some weed is throwing out it's stuff in record numbers today. I've sneezed, sniffled, and snorted all day. And it just got worse as the day got older, even with the infuser going all afternoon with eucalyptis oil in it, and even with me taking some antihistamines. Finally, to complete the day, I developed what used to be called a "sick headache" around 5 p.m. Just plain yuck. Head hurt, felt nauseous, gassy. It's getting better, though. Guess I should get back in the kitchen and finish those dishes. I have half of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and half of them still in the sink. All that twisting and bending from sink to washer was making me really feel sick.

I'm sorry to post such a blah post. Tomorrow I have to take my car to the dealer for some warranty work (oil change, filters, tires), so I'll probably be in a good mood tomorrow. Getting out always perks me up.

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