Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lightning in the Clouds

We had a line of thunderstorms roll past us last night. Fortunately, we were on the very northern edge of the line and did not get the severe weather. We did, though, get some wind, thunder, and lightning. The lightning was in the clouds. I'm no weather expert, so I don't know the technical terms for what we saw last night, but it sure was pretty! There was a line of clouds ranging along the horizon from the south to the east. At dusk, the lightning started. I had just put up my chickens, and had gone out onto the front porch to call in my cats when it started. It was beautiful. I grabbed my camera and started just pointing and clicking. Unfortunately, in my hurry to capture the flashes of lightning, I kept moving my camera before it had time to focus and imprint the image on the card, so most of the pictures are blurred, but a couple of them were relatively good. There were three places in this line of clouds that would alternately explode with light from inside. Sometimes it would just be a quick glow, and other times a fork of lightning would accompany the glow. I've posted a few of the pictures that came out without too much blurring. I hope you enjoy them.