Saturday, February 20, 2010

Possum in my Poultry Yard

Look who's always up in my poultry yard every evening when I go to lock up my chickens. He's always there, and doesn't seem to be too afraid of me at all. He just lumbers off a ways, climbs up a tree, and watches me until I leave. He comes after the left over grain in the chickens' feed station. Well, as long as he leaves my chickens alone, I suppose he's doing no harm.


  1. Have you given him a name? Or is it a 'her' and she is protecting a nest or borrow of babies?

    Be safe!

  2. No, I've not given it a name. I don't know if it's a she or a he, either. Actually, I think this might be one of two 'possums who visit my chickens' feed station. I've seen one that seems to be a bit larger, and which always lumbers away on the ground when I come up there. Then this one always climbs a tree, indicating that it is probably younger than the other one, assuming there actually is another one. If I'm right about there being two of them, I think the one that stays on the ground is probably a pregnant mama. Just guessing wildly, here, though!