Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dawn Thoughts

I'm always amazed at the ever changing beauty of this planet we live on. This is a picture of the pine woods on the hill behind my house. My chickens live here. This was taken just as the sun was beginning to peep over the horizon. See how the sun paints everything red? That's amazing. And it's so pretty in real life. There's a freshness and clarity in the air at that time of day that lasts only a few minutes. I breathe in deeply the coolness and feel my body waking up, and a smile awakens my face and heart.

This is the same woods just a few minutes later--after the sun had risen completely over the horizon. See how the light has changed? It reminds me to take advantage of life's happy moments when they come, because they don't last forever. Granted, they last more than the five or ten minutes it took for the pine trees to "change" their "red dresses" to their "every day gray." Now the air is less clear, even though the day promises to be a bright one. The air is heavier, and I can already feel the cares of the day pushing their way into my world.

So, when I've managed to slow down my racing thoughts and my hurried steps enough to notice the sun coming over the horizon, I try to just stop and stand still for a few moments to drink it in and feed my soul before the concerns of the day begin their oppression of all my better sensibilities.

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