Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kissed by a Frog

I was kissed by a frog this afternoon.

Ewwww. Blech. Ptuey. Ptuey.

This is not "the" frog, but it was a frog just like this one. I took this one's picture in my back yard a year or so ago. Seems we have a plethora of frogs and other small fauna.

I was watering some hanging strawberry plants with a large pitcher. Apparently, unseen by me, a green tree frog was on one of those large leaves--one of those small, green frogs with suctions on their feet to help them hang onto things. He hopped onto the pitcher and looked me right in the face. At the same instant I saw him, he hopped right into my face and latched onto my upper lip! He just hung there all wet and slimy and heavy. Blech! Blech! I screamed because I couldn't get him off and I was afraid he would crawl into my mouth. My husband came running to fend off whatever monster had got ahold of me. By the time he got there, I had managed to knock that slimy sucker off my mouth and onto the ground. I ran into the house and washed my face and rinsed out my mouth with Listerine. He must have hopped away somewhere, because I couldn't find him. When I went back outside to help my husband with a project he was working on, he asked me if the frog had turned into a prince. LOL I told him, "No, it was just a slimy frog; and I already have my Prince!"


  1. Ptoey indeed! yuck!

    I'm so glad you have your prince!

  2. OH! YUCK!! EWWW!!! GROSS!!!!

  3. Oh how gross! I'd be spastic right now! You are remarkably calm for having been kissed by a frog!

    YAY for your prince!

  4. Philipa, if being kissed by a frog is the worst thing I ever have to endure, I'll take the frog's kiss every day over some of the other stuff that happens in RL. The RL stuff keeps the "frog kissing" stuff calm.