Thursday, May 08, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted here. Paschal services were all I could have hoped for, except for the extreme fatigue that lasts for days and days. I think all the other bloggers have just about exhausted this topic for now.

I had to give back my dog Charlie. He quickly became stronger than I am, and he is a definite "alpha" type. It didn't help any that he liked my husband better than he liked me, neither, since he was supposed to be "my" dog. He tolerated me as the "alpha female," but looked to my husband for what was really going on. These two traits, his physical strength and his inclination to dominate, convinced me that I didn't need this particular dog. It didn't help any, either, that he was beginning to leave small bruises on my arms where he would take it into his mouth in "dog play." There was some thought among some people who saw him that he might have had a bit more wolf in him than a regular Husky. Perhaps. I don't know. He certainly looks like a wolf with is longer and more slender muzzle. I hated to give him up. He was a beautiful dog, healthy, enthusiastic, jolly, fun-loving. He was just too much "dog" for me. I kept thinking, I can handle him now, but what about next year, or in three years, or five? I'm getting older and weaker, while he hasn't even come into his prime yet. No, I definitely didn't need that dog, much as I wanted to see him running through my woods chasing rabbits and having fun.

Also as part of my "catch up" theme, I need to say to the very few people who read this that I probably won't be much online, not that I'm such an "online presence" anyway. It just seems that my life is taking a turn toward more "real" life and less "virtual" life, which is, I suppose, a good thing. I don't post to the couple of groups in which I've maintained a membership (one of them has had to move, and I really don't even know where it is anymore), and I've gotten a new Mac laptop.

Wow. Macs are soooo different. Take every--every--assumption you have about running a computer and trash them. Learning a Mac is starting over from scratch again. Man, I'm lost on this thing. So, my "virtual" world has shrunk to almost nothing, and this Mac seems to have actually shrunk it more.

My "real" world, however, seems to keep getting bigger. Exhaustingly so. Is this a good thing? I think I need a vacation.

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  1. Know you go with my prayers, and we see each other when it is time to, you know?