Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring is Coming

Just before dusk this evening, as I was outside I heard a scrabbling in the dry leaves on the edge of the woods right close by where I was working. I couldn't see anything in the woods. This time of year with all the leaves off the trees, it's easy to look deep into the woods. I thought maybe a stray cat was in there after a late bird, or maybe a deer. However, the sound seemed to be coming from up above me, so I looked up. There, high in the branches above my head I saw a little squirrel with a mouth full of dry leaves heading for his nest. He slipped into his nest before I could get my camera from the house. I guess spring can't be too far behind if the squirrels are repairing their nests and getting them ready for the next generation. It was a welcome sight.

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