Sunday, May 23, 2010

Broody Hen?

Last night when I went up to lock up my chickens for the night, I noticed that there was a hen in one of the nests instead of on the roost where she belonged. Well, I thought, it seems I might have a broody hen. She was still there this morning and seems to have that look. If she is broody, and I'm not entirely sure about this, any eggs she has under her (I didn't check) will hatch in 21 days--June 12. Only time will tell. I have seen these birds sit on a nest for days and days and days only to come off the nest, shake out their feathers, and move on as if nothing unusual had happened. If there are eggs, and if they do hatch, I surely do need a few more pullets, but I already have a rooster; I don't need another rooster. (sigh) This breed of chicken (Marans) usually throws at least 50% male/female per clutch. As in all things, only time will tell.

1 comment:

  1. So that's what "broody hen" means! I never knew that.

    Oh! I HOPE she hatches eggs and we can see the little chicks. To'll be a grandma again! LOL!