Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching up

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here. That hen that was on the nest earlier this Spring did not hatch any biddies. I really didn't expect her too. She never has before. Oh, she's come close, but the only thing ever left in her nest after "brooding" for weeks has been broken egg shells. I suppose Marans just don't make good mama hens. I did have one good Marans mama hen about five years ago, but she was killed in the afternoon by some varmint wandering through. One of my older hens died recently. I found her on the floor of the henhouse one morning. It happens. Now I have only six chickens left. I wonder if I will be able to keep a small flock going? They certainly don't reproduce, and when I've added new pullets, they end up getting killed by varmints. Well, maybe that will change now that we have a dog again.

My newest grandchild, little Gwendolyn Rose (Gwen), was baptised in her mama's childhood parish by her mama's childhood priest. That is so neat. She was named after St. Gwen of Brittanny. We rented a cabin on the river and all of the family gathered there and had a wonderful time! There were cousins all over the place, and my sweet Goddaughter Sarah Elizabeth, whose Mama is now little Gwen's Godmother, was there, too. Sarah Elizabeth's Daddy is my son's Godfather.

We have now acquired my son's dog, Yoda. Yoda is part German Shepherd, but I have no idea what his other part is. He is the happiest dog I have ever seen in my life. His name should really be Tigger! He is always in motion, and I had a bit of a time getting him to hold still long enough to take his picture, or at least get a picture that wasn't all blur! He's a sweet thing, and we put him up in the poultry yard at night after we've locked up the chickens so he can run. He has kept the pesky raccoons and opossums away, which has simplified my life.


  1. Great photos of the Baptism, Many Years to the newly illumined.