Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is Charlie. He's about a year old, and was a stray. He will need some filling out when he gets over all the excitement he's had in his life the past few weeks. We just brought him home Saturday morning from "The Dog Pound," which is an animal rescue organization about a two hour drive north of us. Charlie did not like the long drive home, but he's a very good and patient dog. He's a Husky, at the very least mostly Husky. I'm not sure about that long, slim muzzle and narrow skull. I had a Husky before who had beautiful black and white markings. She died last June (2007) of cancer. I've missed her so much. I hope Charlie and my cats can come to the same agreement that Suky (my other Husky) had with them. We're working on it. So far, so good. During the adjustment phase, I'm keeping Charlie very close to me. He sleeps in the basement so the cats can have the run of the house upstairs, but during the day Charlie is with me. I walk him three times a day, morning, mid-day, and evening. Those walks are either going to save me or kill me. My muscles are so sore and stiff! Charlie is a good dog, and always looks over his shoulder when he senses me lagging back and matches his pace to mine, but my triceps, glutes, quadraceps, and obliques are so sore. I'm tired, too. And stiff. I'd already been taking 30 minute walks several times a week, but those walks can't hold a candle to walking Charlie! We've been to the river, to the neighbors (he and neighbor American Bull "Drake" are going to be great friends), and into the forest. He loves it. Actually, I can't wait until he can be let loose to explore on his own. I guess it will be at least a couple of weeks. I have to make sure he understands that my cats are part of his "pack," and I'm the "alpha female," and my hubby is the "alpha male." So far he's understanding this.

This is Suky who died last June.


  1. Oh Suzanne! He's beautiful! And he has such a happy and open face!

    You are truly blessed! And I am very happy he watches out for you!