Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Biggest" Moon in Fifteen Years

Last night the moon's orbit came to its closest point to the earth in fifteen years.  This, according to this article, is called its perigee.  Since the moon was full last night, it made it look something like 14% larger than usual, as well as brighter.  I suppose this event holds many allures for the scientist and astronomer; but, being neither, I just think looking at a full moon when it looks even fuller than usual is a beautiful event.  Actually, I had no idea this was happening until my husband called while he was driving from one office to another (yes, after dark--he works long hours) and told me to look outside.  The moon was hanging very low in the sky and shining for all it was worth.  I grabbed my camera hoping that I could capture something to show this once in over a decade happening.  It was still just light enough to be able to see trees as trees and not as black silhouettes (although they came out that way in the picture).  I'm quite happy with my picture even though it doesn't do justice to the size of the moon I saw.   I stood out there as long as I could stand the cold and just looked at it.  I'm glad my husband called me.  He knows I love beauty and nature.


  1. That is an amazing picture Suzanne. Absolutely beautiful! It looks like the moon is almost two.

    Just beautiful. The color of the night sky is my favorite color blue. I love the silhouette of the trees.

    Lovely. Simply lovely.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Beautiful just beautiful

  3. Wish I could remember - "CAMERA!" - when something neat like that happens. I have more cameras (2 digital, 2 others, 1 videocorder, and numerous disposables) than you can shake a stick at, and I still forget. I'm just not a "camera" person.

    Your photo is lovely. That night was overcast here, and I couldn't see a thing, anyway. :-(

    Maybe I should take my camera out when I'm scooping poop and photo some of the tangles in the yard...