Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Lizard in our Basement

When the outside temperatures get below 50 degrees F, my husband brings his citrus trees into the basement and places them under some full-spectrum lights in front of a sunny window to live all winter. This little lizard came in with the trees this year. He's the cutest thing. I disturbed his sleep to take this photo. I had hoped to catch him sleeping, but he opened his little eyes just the merest bit to see what was going on. He lives in the trees down there, and catches who knows what. Spiders and flies, I guess. He seems happy, and my husband, softie that he is, calls him "my lizard." Awww. I've become rather attached to the little thing, myself.


  1. What a neat Christmas gift! He is cute, though I am not partial to lizards. DS is though!