Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have a very dear friend who has an urgent need right now. Her name is Elizabeth Riggs, and she has suffered decades of constant pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromalgia. She currently is disabled to the point that even standing is difficult. Recently she acquired an assistant dog, Emmy, from PAALS on the condition that she raise $7,000, which amounts to about one third of Emmy's training, vet care, and upkeep. Emmy came home with Elizabeth this past September, after an intensive two-week training for both Elizabeth and Emmy--at further cost to Elizabeth. Now that Emmy is home with Elizabeth, she helps by picking up Elizabeth's cane, keys, cell phone when she drops them. Emmy helps steady Elizabeth when she gets out of bed or up from a chair. Emmy helps by pulling the laundry basket for Elizabeth, taking clothes out of the dryer, and by turning on lights when they go into a room. Before Emmy came, Elizabeth couldn't even walk down her driveway to get the mail; now she can do that! Recently Emmy literally saved Elizabeth's life by steadying her when Elizabeth suffered an episode of vertigo at the top of a long flight of stairs! Emmy is also learning how to call 911 on a special phone in case of that need. I cannot stress strongly enough that Elizabeth needs Emmy in her life--for her physical well-being and safety, and for her spirit. You can read all about this on Elizabeth "Living With the Woof" blog. If Elizabeth is not able to come up with her full $7,000 obligation to PAALS by the end of January, 2009, she will lose Emmy. Emmy will have to go to another person. This will be devastating to Elizabeth on so many levels, and Emmy will also be traumatized because Emmy and Elizabeth have bonded with each other and have become a true team. I know times are tough for everyone these days, and especially in this economy. However, if you can at all, please, please consider making a donation in Elizabeth's name to PAALS. You can donate from the website, and please make sure that you note on your donation that it is "for Elizabeth Windy Riggs' dog Emmy."

Elizabeth has been and is such a help to everyone who knows her. She has been a particular help to me over the past couple of years when I was going through a most difficult time, and she helps everyone she meets without discrimination, and she helps when she needs help herself. She encourages and supports daily when she herself could use the same encouragement and support. She constantly gives of herself to so many people. Now it's time for us, her friends the recipients of her love and support, to do what we can to help her. Please send a donation of whatever you can in her name.


  1. There should be grants for personal needs available for her. Investigate this. I believe this is her best bet.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Anonymous. I will certainly look into this.